Friday, February 27, 2009

I woke up to this sweet face this morning, tiny fingers on my lips trying to flip them into action and a nice wet raspberry, clearly saying, "good morning mommy, I can do raspberries, can you?". What finally got me out of bed though was a big opened mouth kiss from my sweet girl.

Playing in the rain the other day. We had so much fun. We found a puddle to splash in and T. really got into it. When we were done he had about an inch of water in his boots. You can't see his tail in this picture, I think he has it tucked into his pants, lol! Yes, I said tail. Some kids have imaginary friends but my kid has an imaginary tail. Once he is sure it won't scare you he may turn his back to you and take his tail out of the back of his pants to present to you. He struts a few proud steps then tucks it away again... unless it is happy in which case it wags uncontrollably.

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