Monday, April 13, 2009

Cabbage patch kids and Montessori apron

We are getting the house really set up for Montessori learning.

Here is our kitchen play area.
Notice the hook and apron and the new water serving station. T. helps sweep, sets his setting for meals and snacks by himself and serves himself water whenever he wants some.

Cabbage patch kids. Kids in the cabbage patch before we harvested 6 nice heads! They have since been replaced with pepper and eggplant seeds.

Montessori apron from sewliberated's tutorial. So cute! T loves it. We hung up a hook for it and it stays neatly hung on it's hook when not in use, good job, T.!


Chelsea said...

I miss you guys.

llyee08 said...

Love the kithen area. I'm hoping that I will set up something like it for my kids for xmas this year.