Friday, May 15, 2009

Our new weird sleeping arrangements

Here is the only picture to add at the moment as I can't find my camera at the moment. You are looking at what I think is the best thing ever, a queen sized mattress and box spring on the floor right next to a king sized mattress and box spring. Bliss. I wish I could claim that everyone will be sleeping peacefully ever after though for three of us it is working out quite well. Maybe when baby R. stops nursing all night long I can join them! There is certainly nothing sweeter than watching two beautiful babies sleeping peacefully right next to each other. Baby R. can climb in and out herself too which gives us some hope that she will stop falling out of bed finally.

Isn't she sweet in that yellow dress?

More to come soon, I promise.


Sarah said...

Your little girl looks exactly like how I remember you the first time I met you when Paula was born. You probably don't remember, but your dad was in a motorcycle accident and my mom and I came to help you all out. I was only five, but I remember how cool your house was. There was snow, I think.

Anyhow, we're still trying to figure out our sleeping arrangements. Our room isn't big enough for two beds! Cool set up, though.

Team Boom said...

That's an amazing pic.