Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Reflections on Three

So this birthday coming up has already become my first favorite birthday. My first baby is three. This birthday more than the others feels like a milestone. I have three years of mothering under my belt. I've survived natural childbirth (twice), sick days, potty training, breastfeeding a toddler (twice), tantrums (god I've lost count) and toddler coercion tactics. I expected to feel at this point like I could pretty much navigate any situation a sociopathic toddler could throw at me. Instead I feel more humbled and awed than I ever thought possible. I am a truer me, a more thankful me, a more honest me and while more disorganized, more prioritized also.
I have my first baby boy to thank for that. Every day I learn something from him. How can I be more loving, more kind, more patient, more empathetic, more consistent? How can I learn to mean what I say, delight in every detail, live in the moment, be happy in every moment? I am loving my life every day I spend with him. I am so blessed to be present as he discovers himself. And as a bonus I am learning a lot about myself too.

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Team Boom said...

This is really beautiful.