Saturday, August 29, 2009

Homeschool Preschool: One Month In

I have not posted since starting our homeschooling adventure. We started homeschool preschool right before we moved. It sounds crazy and like a recipe for failure but if you know me, this is just my style. I figured that if I am really serious about homeschooling, we would have to make it through a huge challenge like that eventually and why not just go ahead and do it now? If I am still committed through a stressful time like this, I know I'll make it through any other challenge. And we did just that!

Our theme for August was Weather.
We learned three letters: c,m and a using the Souns program and Montessori language objects.
We kept a calendar and noted the weather each day after checking outside for clouds.
We practiced our names and addresses at circle time.
We sang and did yoga and stretches each day during circle time.
We made spaghetti art, painted, used letter and weather stickers in our art projects.
We did experiments with making clouds, melting ice and floating and sinking.
We made wind, enacted a thunderstorm, dressed for different types of weather and made paper mache clouds.
We learned how to serve snack. We're still working on this one actually.
We spent lots of time outside looking and listening.
We read lots and lots of books about weather.
We learned about Ramadan, a Muslim holiday that starts in August.
We walked the line every day and worked up to 15 seconds of silence during the silent game.
We had lots of laughs and shared lots of great moments with eachother.

All this in only two hours a day four days per week!

My goals for September are for the mommies/teachers to stay on task a little bit better, learn how to set the table and serve snack, read more books, prepare more the night before and TAKE MORE PICTURES!!

In addition to homeschooling I have decided to become a La Leche League leader. It is about a year-long process that will allow me to provide breastfeeding support to families in my community. More about that as it develops. Stay tuned as always.

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