Monday, November 2, 2009

Creating Holiday Traditions- Kumquat Pomanders

Seems wasteful to me to let all those Kumquats just rot on the ground. Of course I'll make some marmalade out of the ripe ones we pick off the tree and I think Andy is probably hoping for some kind of key lime-esque pie but there are so many fruits that just fall off the tree and rot there. A lot of my energy lately has been spent trying to figure out how to make the holidays more enjoyable and more meaningful to our family this year. Every year we enjoy the holidays but the enjoyment is always accompanied by stress. We also want to put more meaning into the holidays beyond eating and buying. We are not religious people and so I would like for our holidays to encompass many celebrations. I know that when we land on the right attitude and traditions it will just feel right. Until then, we are slowly adding activities that will say "Festivus" to us.

One thing that has been a real hit lately is this kumquat pomander activity. Displayed on an end table in the living room, it smells absolutely wonderful and each time I walk by I am tempted to just poke a few holes and stuff just a few cloves. T. has enjoyed this activity with me at rest time so much that today he said in absolute satisfaction, "I love you from poking holes in kumquats and doing projects like this". I knew what he meant and my heart just melted. This is definitely an activity we will be enjoying during the holidays for many years. And if you are reading this, don't be surprised if you start receiving kumquat pomander stuffed sacks for the holidays!

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