Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Looking for the gift

All children are born with special talents. As a parent I feel that my job will be well done if I can help my children find whatever it is that makes them feel fulfilled and challenged. Careful observation as Maria Montessori prescribes is the must useful tool we have to find this gift. I am not sure yet what either of my kids gifts are. I know that T. has an incredibly analytical brain. He will probably excel in science. His brains seems to operate much like his daddy's. He loves nature and the outdoors, he is a keen observer. Lately he has been putting things together. He will collect whatever objects around the house that he finds, ropes, cords, food storage containers and put them together in whatever way he can. In most other areas he will not attempt something unless he knows he can do it accurately. He watched through several "mommy and me" dance classes, refusing to participate until one day he rolled the most perfect somersault you've ever seen a three year old perform. Again and again. We were all amazed. This new building interest is different, he will sit quietly and in deep concentration he will use trial and error to get the pieces to fit together. It's pretty cool to watch. I've been thinking lately about what kind of building objects will enhance his learning in this area. Legos are the obvious choice but they are limited in so many ways. They really only stack. I am looking for something much more versatile. Mobilos have caught my interest but I have not seen them personally or know anyone who owns any. I've wondered though if the things he finds around the house, in the backyard or on the beach are the perfect tools that offer endless imagination.

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Marie said...

He sounds like a gem! What about a toolbox as a gift...adding tools as appropriate over time. Maybe starting with a tape dispenser, hole punch, glue, spools of wire, etc. to help him with his found material construction projects.