Saturday, February 20, 2010

A day for the birds

We've been visited by robins vacationing from the cold up north. Hundreds and hundreds of robins have been gorging themselves on the cherry laurel berries in our yard. For the most part the visit has been pleasant. Watching them flit about the yard and hearing their unique chatter has been charming despite the deposits they leave us all over our walkways. They are unfortunately not the smartest of birds as no fewer than three have flown into our window and fallen dead on the patio. R. found one of them before I did and I had the surprise of rounding the corner from the garage upon this scene. "Bak bak bak bak bak" she says as she comes at me with a dead robin. It was all I could do to keep from shrieking and no doubt traumatizing her. As I gathered myself I realized the photo opportunity at hand and aren't you glad I did? And yes, hands were washed soon after.

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