Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pictures of our classroom

For those of you interested here are some shots of just the classroom. We are following a Montessori theory as closely as possible. All our shelves are almost empty right now. Materials will be added as they are introduced and demonstrated. We have a small art area, the corner shelf and blue art table. An easel will be introduced and placed between those. The children will then be able to use it whenever they want to. Yes, R. too which is scary. Our reading area is nice and has a nice view of the yard and lake. The space has to double as a guest room which is why that furniture is not small. Our bathroom is set up so the children can keep their "appearances tidy", something they are all taking very seriously and there is a small broom closet in there where their aprons are kept along with their small broom and mop and buckets.The children are encouraged to use work with whatever materials they want whenever they want, they clean dusty shelves when they notice dust. Care is taken of the environment and respect for each other is emphasized. It's really neat to see how the kids are responding.

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