Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday monday

Monday- I have been very impatient with these kids lately. It is hard being pregnant and having to get up and down and up and down and wait for them to shut the door or put on shoes or clothes or whatever it is, clean the kitchen fifteen times a day, preparing a special request only to beg them to eat it and end up throwing it away three hours later. Ugh!! It can be so frustrating!! So anyways I was put on notice today by an uncharacteristically angry little boy. As I'm yelling at him,"what is wrong with you?" I realize that it's what's wrong with me that is wrong with him. I'm trying to simplify our mealtimes and spend more time playing and resting and reading and allowing more transition time between inside and outside.

So today we tried a new snack tray. After breakfast I had them tell me what they wanted to have for snacks today. T. cut carrots and cauliflower, R. put grapes and crackers into little bowls, we added some peanuts and a pitcher of water. It simplified our day. T. actually ate cauliflower for the first time in a long time in part I think because he cut it himself. He refilled the pitcher when it was empty and R. was delighted to help herself to water each time she was thirsty (this kid drinks a lot of water). For lunch I simply made them a sandwich to split and cut up an apple, they ate this with their snack tray and the clean up was easier.

We read several books on the couch and the floor and at the snack table today and class time today was short. We were in the middle of studying snails when they realized it was raining and just had to go out to play. They ended up on the beach digging a huge hole looking for sharks teeth and they were happy and exhausted by the time Andy came home.

I'm feeling inspired by a few new things I stumbled on while surfing:

A mother roasting- I just love dreaming about how our baby's birth might go and how we'll be pampered after his/her arrival. I love the idea of being all wrapped up and toasty near a fire with a newborn.

Letting go- Autumn
- Letting go of impatience right now! And perhaps letting go of extra household clutter and perfectionist expectations. I've never before been a big fan of Autumn but there is something different about this one that I think I am going to enjoy.

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Renee said...

So, I'm noticing this a few weeks later, but agree completely with this sentiment about being a pregnant mother. I love the idea of simplifying the things that are making the days more difficult... how true, that my problem is what is the REAL problem... not my toddler's problem!

Thank you for this reminder, and I hope that your pregnancy is going well. I feel SO ready to have my baby, and SO grouchy all the time... I think that EVERYONE is SO ready for me to have the baby, in fact! ... and I'm only expecting my second! Yikes! Take care!