Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We survived!!

We went outside this morning as we do most mornings out of necessity. The kids start chasing each other around the house being too rough and inevitably someone ends up crying. I was dealing with this pregnancy related low blood pressure which makes me feel icky with a racing heart and breathlessness. I was not particularly excited about going out into the heat and humidity. Out we went anyway and to my pleasant surprise the weather was cool, there was a nice breeze and the mosquitoes were missing. I felt a kind of relief, like we had survived another hot humid summer and we are about to enjoy a long pleasant fall/winter. All at once I feel energized and motivated looking around the yard noting the fall tasks to be done and imagining our Holiday celebrations. Yay!

Above is an unrelated shot from our recent Labor Day get together of some of our favorite little people having a shaving cream party!

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