Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Metal inset work

Here is T. doing some metal inset work while I do some creative tee shirt projects. Both T. and R. have been doing lots and lots of metal inset work lately. I can hardly keep paper cut for this work they are doing so much of it. It is really great for T. especially as I think he is getting really close to writing. He wrote his name the other day for the first time. The Montessori method is really great because it involves no tracing and no hand-over-hand guidance. He has naturally developed a correct pencil grip by using the Montessori materials and he know the shape of the letters in the same way. Easy for me, I just show him how to use the materials and watch as he puts it all together himself! More schooling posts to come. Probably. I've been knitting a lot lately.

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