Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Really quickly

Things are going well here at Camp Kulick. Right now the kids are playing in the sand on our beach and the baby is sleeping in. The air is cool outside. It feels almost like spring should feel only I know this is fluky weather and it will soon return to muggy hot summer weather. Having this baby in the house has been wonderful and I even find moments like this one to sit, relax, take a bath, plan school lessons or work on La Leche League stuff. I should soon be receiving my LLLeader certification and I plan on taking an online Motessori 6-9 teaching certification after that is finished. T. is working on writing his letters. I am really enjoying the process and although it is slower than a more traditional approach I think the final outcome will be far superior. The only problem is that he sometimes really puts up a fight and does not want to work up in the classroom. I wish it could be as described in Montessori philosophy where the child chooses hi work and happily works at it for hours. These kids would much rather be out in the sand. R. can be the same way and a lot of days I feel like I don't understand her or her motivations as much as I do T. I have to remind myself that she is only three and that homeschooling isn't the only option out there. We have been having lots of fun though. We are learning about plants again, one of my favorite topics and have been inspired by a few friends with new butterfly gardens and by the extra time our baby gives us to plant one ourselves. I can't wait to see the finished project and to report on the many lessons that come from it.

Hope you all are doing well and enjoying life.

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Jeri Ann Jones said...

Beth, I love the pics. The hats are so cute. The kids are so cute. I noticed that your posts are done around 5 am. Funny, I dont remember you being a morning person. Love, mom