Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I wish I had taken more pictures but here are a few of our week so far. My brain is so terrible right now that I can't even remember what we did last week. I know we continued studying insects and that we went to story time at the library. Being a mom with young children is an interesting balancing act. While I am totally on top of schooling right now I am neglecting my own diet and sleep which I am sure has to do with this brain-drain I am experiencing. A friend of mine mentioned that love hormones could be to blame on this fog I am in and that could certainly be the case. I am so in love with Baby B. I am on cloud 9 half the time. Whatever the reason, on to this week while I can remember it:

We started the week out with an introduction to spiders- songs and poems and parts of the spider. We caught a few spiders to examine with magnifying glasses and had a spider web hunt. We sprinkled them with powder to get a better look at them and attempted to mount a few on construction paper with hairspray but that didn't work very well for us. The hunt was fun anyway. We made spiders with cut up egg cartons, pipe cleaners and pom poms. We read several spider books. T. has been struggling with 'u' so I prepared some reading boxes with words that contained 'u'. They were cards that he had seen before and really gave me trouble when I wanted him to do them. He flatly told me he wanted a challenge. Reluctantly I prepared the longer phonetic word cards for him and he blew through them. He'll be reading in no time at all. R. is working on her sounds, this week it's 'a' and 'b'. She spent a lot of time one morning on the binomial cube. Her math skills have been surprising me lately. We will finish the week out with a quick study on summer and summer solstice. Next week we will study biomes, food chains and endangered animals. I am looking forward to that and I still need to request books from the library tonight before I go to bed! And I AM going to bed early tonight. For real.

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Mom said...

Please take care of that mommy brain and get your sleep.Brain drain is frustrating,but it it telling you something-need rest! I should be in class with you,too. Need refresher class on summer solstice and what are binary numbers? Love the spider art project.