Thursday, September 22, 2011


At my sister's incessant nagging I was able to round up these photos. I wish I could say this is what we've been up to lately but most of these photos are at least a month old. A lot of my time lately has been spent preparing homeschool curriculum materials. Everything on that front is going very well. There are definitely moments when I question our decision, particularly Monday mornings when no one wants to get dressed and ready for the day and everything turns to yelling and crying. So Monday mornings need work but besides that it has been really neat being present for T's progression into reading and R's peaking independence.

So anyway, here are some pictures of random happenings mostly the last two months, a few longer than that.

Cutting beets, tumbling rocks, eating from a rainbow, brown stair, baby and Grammy pool time, R. beginning sound sorting (she's doing awesome with this btw!)

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Jeri said...

I love the pic of Birdie and I. She has grown A lot in a year. Eating from a rainbow is so cool! And nutricious : )