Monday, February 25, 2013

Montessori Watercolor Art- Zoology- Arthropoda

 I think most homeschoolers experience sluggish Mondays. That's putting it nicely. We certainly have, which is why I decided to ease into our week by doing something artistic Monday mornings. This week's watercolor session was inspired by our current study of Animal Kingdom Phylum, Arthropoda and by this blog post at Deep Space Sparkle. I think this project is great for kids who are reluctant to draw as having some instruction gives them confidence.
 Using this book, the children chose the subject they wanted to paint. I made them photocopies. They first drew with a pencil.
 Next they trace the pencil lines with a sharpie.
Then they chose their colors and added watercolor paint. I did encourage them to paint every part of the paper, leaving no white areas.
The final paintings turned out really nice I think. They both felt really good about it. The scorpion was done by my six year old and the butterfly done by my four year old. 

We have been studying zoology for weeks now so we have learned already about metamorphosis. We used these nomenclature cards from Montessori For Everyone to learn about the parts of an arthropod. T will tell you that a scorpion is an arthropod like insects though it is NOT an insect, it is an arachnid- 8 legs. Happy Monday!

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Kylie said...

Stopping by from Montessori Monday. Your kids' paintings turned out great!

Anonymous said...

I love it!! You should frame those paintings!

Jeri said...

They did a great job on their pictures. They are beautiful! T sure has more confidence now. I remember when he didn't like to draw at all because it wasn't perfect. Presenting it the way you did is soo smart. Grammy would accept art for her frames in the bedroom designated for placing pictures they send me ; ) love you