Thursday, June 17, 2010

Busy at work!

So after a brief hiatus due to fleas (don't ask) and a slightly sick mommy we're back and busier than ever at school. We have been doing lots of learning and we have lots to share!

Above Sissy works hard concentrating on this counting work. Although the spindles are much too difficult for her she worked hard at it for a long time before returning it to the shelf. Following the Montessori theories a child should be discouraged from attempting work that they are not yet ready for but allowed to do it if they persist. Well, if you know Sissy you know how persistent she is!!

T. works here at two knobbed cylinder blocks. Once he engages he has excellent concentration. Getting him to engage has been difficult lately unless he is one on one with me. We're working toward better independence with him. Here he demonstrates excellent concentration and a near perfect grip. He is left handed and this material readies the hand for correctly holding a pencil. It also develops muscle strength and develops size discrimination. These materials are beautiful and fun to work with. All the kids love them.

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