Monday, April 26, 2010

April 2010

T. dog pushing his "Little Theron" in the stroller. T. is so cute with his baby and takes tender care of him. He likes to wrap him up and rock him to sleep, change his diaper and wear him in the carrier I made him.

T. and R. doing an experiment melting ice with water to get to the fruit snack inside. This was lots of fun, so easy and healthy.

R. decked out in her sun clothes drinking a spinach smoothie. And loving it I might add.

We've been spending lot of time outside. Raking a blowing leaves mostly. Turns out most of our trees actually drop leaves in the springtime. Oh so much fun. The trees are beautiful but I should have believed the folks that told me a big yard equals a lot of work.

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Jeri Jones said...

Beth, these kids are so beautiful they take my breath away.I keep looking at how creative, curious and healthy they are. I miss you all, thanks for the pics, sometimes they just make my day, especially lately. mom