Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I'm really not sure how this new interest came about. T. asked what was inside of a bone a few weeks ago. With his new workbench in mind we told him he could saw one open and see for himself. A couple weeks later we roasted a chicken and T. finally got some chicken bones. We boiled them for several hours to get them clean and then dried them in the sun for two days. He immediately went to sorting and matching them. Since then they have moved to the workbench where several have been sawed in two and he now has a deeper understanding of anatomy. We've told him about marrow and cells, actually one night at bedtime he grilled Andy about cells and wouldn't easily accept a "you'll learn about this when you are about 15". I had in my homeschooling stash a set of human x-rays which we taped up to the sliding glass door. He's going to freak though when the life sized skeleton arrives at the door.

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Anonymous said...

Been doing quite a bit of meditation on the solidity of the bones in the body! It's a good Qi Gong exercise...