Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Playful Learning Spaces

I'm taking an online class on organizing mindful learning spaces for children. Our first assignment was a writing area to encourage children to love writing. Here is the space I designed for the kids this week. This space is supposed to change frequently keeping interest high though the basic structure of the space can remain the same. I have been trying to keep the kids interested in using their metal insets. For R. they are great for learning to hold a pencil and control her little hand. I included the sandpaper letters also to encourage T. to start writing letters (he is such a perfectionist, he doesn't want to attempt this until he know he can get them exactly right.... just like his dad) and to encourage R. to start touching the letters to learn their shapes. For T. there is a number of lessons to be learned in working with the insets including basic geometry and attention to detail in order to learn to write letters. Design and beauty are an element too. If you send us some return address labels with your address on them you will surely receive some of their work in the mail. I put envelopes and stamps in this area so they can send mail which they love to do. List making and letter writing will be added as their current interest fades.

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