Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Home learning- May update

I've learned a few things lately. One is that these kids do much much better in the school room in the mornings. This means we are sacrificing outside time for upstairs time but that's what we have to do at least until R. isn't so grumpy in the afternoons. They don't seem to mind the heat outside as much as B. and I do so they'll be able to go outside in the afternoons. T. and R. are also easier to motivate these days with lots of new materials from counting to language.

B. is growing so fast and she is loving her new play pad complete with a large mirror. This is an essential Montessori tool for baby to learn about her own body. The mobiles are Montessori too and have different functions like discriminating color and shape. She is such an easy baby that I have had extra time to focus on schooling and I am feeling very capable lately. T. is reading three letter phonetic words and almost ready to move on to four letter words. His writing is improving so he is well on his way to learning to read and write! Yay T.!!


Jeri said...

Looks like some cool teaching materials, kids look interested. BBirdie's playmat is awesome. She just keeps growing. The picture of her face in the mirror looks a little like Paulette. How did that happen?

Anonymous said...

I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoy all of your up-dates. Your family is beautiful and you are wonderful parents. I don't leave messages but know that I am reading where life is taking you and your children. Aunt Donna