Sunday, May 29, 2011

Our Summer Bucket List

  1. go to the beach
  2. learn how to snorkel
  3. lay in the sun and drink lemonade
  4. teach Royal how to swim
  5. make a mudpie kitchen
  6. play board games
  7. make sorbet
  8. make a big fruit icicle
  9. take family photos
  10. did it! Dug a huge hole!!
  11. go to Sea World to see the Arctic animals (second choice to visiting Antarctica)
  12. go see a matinee movie
  13. grow a gigantic pumpkin- to be ready for Halloween
  14. keep a rain journal
  15. have a starry night party
  16. make s'mores


Jeri Jones said...

I can't wait till you set up the mudpie kitchen,that looks like a lot of fun! How creative.I'll play there right along with the kids. Mom

Beth said...

Oh yes you will! I know, I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Star party? Do you have a telescope yet?

G'pa Larry

Beth said...

Not yet! Guess it might be time to get one though!