Friday, January 11, 2013

School: Week of January 7th

Learning about nouns and the grammar symbols
 R. illustrating her life cycle book in anticipation of some new life in our classroom..... we still wait.
 Just an example of how much material I compile in order to teach one simple lesson! This is normal- we studied birds this day.
 And spent all day peeking in on an eagle nest via web cam!
 An example of how to keep a toddler busy and constructive rather than destructive in the classroom- she is the official nomenclature card picker-upper.
 Studying animal young. T chose seven pairs to write in his journal. I am always pleased when he chooses words new to him. He loves to learn.

 Home of our new frog embryos. They are too tiny to photograph but fingers crossed they will hatch into tadpoles soon.
 Lego education. First lesson was levers. I hope this will be a good Friday activity that daddy can do.

 Forest animals of North America.
Learning colors!

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Jeri said...

You are friggin' amazing! You are doing a stand up job. Birdie will absorb some of it just by being there. You were always good with children, but your dedication to their school work is inspiring. Your classroom is set up so well, and I know how much work and preparation it took. I admire you.