Sunday, January 6, 2013

Studying Insects! Enter: Praying Mantises

I almost don't want to post, lamenting how long it's been and promising to post more regularly, but blogging more is a goal of mine in 2013. Granted, I have entered this new year very ambitiously with goals of achieving all sorts of things. Oh well, I'll keep trying.

As we prepare to study zoology I took some photos of our praying mantis area in the classroom. This will soon be joined by the ladybug study area. As all things Montessori are hands on and child led, I am preparing the environment to achieve our goals of learning insect anatomy and life cycle.

Our study of zoology begins with basic classification, moves through anatomy of invertebrates and then vertebrates and then covers physiology like organ systems and then reproduction. As this is our first pass through this information it will be a basic exploration this year.

An exercise in labeling parts of the praying mantis. A control is provided for checking work.

Praying mantis egg sack that will hopefully hatch in 3-7 weeks

Display of life cycle figures, anatomy exercise, three part carts and info booklet about the insect and another matching exercise with three part cards of lots of different insects.

Life cycle figures from This tray allows for matching or handling. 

I added some other work, books and blank journals for the kids to draw in as they observe our new classroom..... pets?

This next semester will be heavy in math and grammar and we will move through zoology, botany then physical and cultural geography. I'm taking several days to plan the next semester currently and I am very happy looking back on the last semester with the progress we have made.

Check in again soon and pester me to post! Thanks!

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I wish you were my teacher! Love you, mom