Monday, April 26, 2010


After watching Food, Inc. on PBS my strong resolve to provide my family with healthy food got a lot stronger. I've been on my path toward healthier eating since my first trimester with my first son. I started really reading labels and making my decisions about food more carefully. The more I learn the fewer foods I find suitable for my family to eat on a regular basis. I am learning how to make foods more nutritious. We are eating less meat and being more choosy about the meat we do eat, opting for locally raised chickens and pork which are humanely raised and live a happy healthy life before dying to feed us. I am learning how to make the most of this meat, preparing broth out of the bones to add even more nutrition to rice and soups. Meat raised on a natural diet without hormones and antibiotics yields much more nutrition. I am preparing beans according to tradition to get the most nutrition from them as well as flours and nuts and seeds for baking.

So here it is: Falafel-style tempeh balls with ginger-garlic yogurt dressing on soaked whole wheat flatbread!!
Jose's handmade tempeh is crave-worthy. So yummy. I used this recipe to season the tempeh. The dressing was inspired from Civilization, a restaurant in Gainesville that serves local foods. I've been making homemade yogurt for a while now, added some minced garlic, dill, ginger root and some raw honey. My new favorite. The soaked flat bread was based on a basic recipe I altered to accommodate the soaking step. Topped with fresh lettuce, tomato and onions from the local farmer's market. Real food. Real love.

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